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AFT NM and Early Educators United to Hold Community Meetings Across State on Early Education State Legislators, Parents, Community Invited

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.—In its continuing effort to help reverse New Mexico’s dismal last-place national ranking for child well-being, AFT New Mexico and Early Educators United are holding five community meetings throughout the state on Saturday to focus on the need for greater investment in high-quality early childhood education. State legislators, educators, parents and other community members from each region have been invited. 
Following the community meetings, early childhood educators will receive the newest training on child brain development, called Mind in the Making.
“Education is like new home construction—its ultimate success depends on the quality of the foundation. Our state needs to adequately invest in our youngest children so we do not continue to show up in last-place child well-being rankings and we improve student outcomes,” said AFT New Mexico President Stephanie Ly. “We can and should do better. This requires New Mexico’s investment to expand access to quality and affordable early childhood education.”

The Loss of a Superhero, Rep. Stephen Easley

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Today’s loss of Representative Stephen Easley is a tragedy for our State and New Mexico’s children. The people and the State of New Mexico have lost a champion, an advocate and a man who was devoted

 to fighting for New Mexico’s children and families.

Before beginning his time in Santa Fe Rep. Easely welcomed kids, parents and early educators with open arms and promised to fight for the kids in his district. Once he arrived in Santa Fe he did just that, openly voicing his opinion that kids across New Mexico deserve the right to succeed. He was a proud member of The League of Extraordinary Legislators, a true superhero.

He was true champion, he knew the local early educators and kids in his community, and fought hard improve the lives of those he represented. His warming presence and beautiful bolo ties will be missed. Our thoughts are with his family. 


-Early Educators United


Albuquerque Training

Members of Early Educators United will be hosting training this weekend!

When: Saturday July 27th 9am – 3:30pm

Where: Early Educators United Office, AFT – NM 530 Jefferson NE, Albuquerque 87108

Hours: 6 hours of TTAPs approved training

Fee: FREE for members of Early Educators United, $24 for non-members

Lunch: Bring your lunch or $10

RSVP: 505-359-0658

The trainings will include:

Advocacy in Early Learning – This workshop is an opportunity to gain the tools necessary for your voice to make a difference. You are the providers – teaching and caring for children is what you do every day. You know better than anyone what needs to be done! Let your voice be heard and your actions count! Learn about the collective power you and your colleagues possess and how to use that power to make the changes needed in the field of early learning.

Focus and Self Control - In a world filled with distractions and information overload children need the skills of Focus and Self Control. So do adults. In this training we address Focus and Self Control from a Child's viewpoint as well as an Adult's viewpoint. This training is based on Mind in the Making, the newest research around child development.

Perspective Taking - Perspective Taking is seeing things as others would see them. It goes far beyond empathy. It involves figuring out what others think and feel, and forms the basis for children’s understanding of their parents', teachers' and friends' intentions. Children who can take others' perspective are much less likely to get involved in conflicts. This training is based on Mind in the Making, the newest research around child development.

Release the Hostage!

It is coming down to the wire and the Early Education Constitutional Amendments (HJR13 and SJR3) are still being held hostage in the Senate Finance Committee. Your call will urge a hearing for HJR13 and SJR3. Take one minute to call Senator John Arthur Smith and ask him to release the hostages now!

Here's what you can say when you call:

"Hello, may I please speak with Senator Smith? My name is _______ and I am an early educator. I'm calling to ask that Senator Smith have a hearing for the Early Education Constitutional Amendment HJR13 and SJR3 in the Senate Finance Committee. This is important for our children and our community. Thank you.”

Senator Smith can be reached in Santa Fe at (505) 986-4365.

New Mexico will be the leader in Early Education with this historic bill, lets come together and make it happen!

Victory is around the corner... Almost

When legislators have courage, kids win. In just 8 days, legislators will help decide the fate for over 30,000 kids and our future economy and education system in New Mexico.

The Early Educational Constitutional Amendment has passed 5 committees and is headed to the house floor tomorrow! After that it will be up to your Senator to vote yes and pass it on to the voters!

The Early Education Constitutional Amendment resolution – an historic proposal for a constitutional change – would give voters the choice in the 2014 election to increase funding for early education and stop cuts to Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Contact your State Senator now to tell them to acknowledge the right of New Mexican voters to Vote on this common sense proposal to invest in our Kids.

The Early Education Amendment would raise 2 billion dollars over 10 years for early education in New Mexico. And amazingly it does this WITHOUT raising taxes by taking advantage of our unique Permanent School Fund revenues that are collected from oil, gas, land and stock market revenue.

Write your Senator Now and tell them to Vote Yes on the Early Education Amendment.

The evidence is clear. 80% of Voters support their right to vote on this constitutional amendment, yet State Senators may never take a stand because of outside corporate interests that would rather keep the money in the Stock Market instead of investing in our kids. Write your Senator and tell them not take away the Voters’ Right to Vote on the Early Education Amendment (Link the whole sentence).

What if the early education amendment doesn’t pass? Not passing the amendment means:


Over 6,000 children will continue to be denied early childhood education
Quality early childhood education which has been proven to improve kindergarten preparedness and life-long learning like reading skills and high school graduation rates will be continue to be absent
Early learning centers will continue to close. (Over 10% of centers have closed over the last two years.).
K-12 education will lose $50 million dollars every year


Write to your Senator today and tell them to Vote Yes for the Early Education Amendment.

To learn more about the Early Education Amendment go to the Early Educators United website and go to our coalition with parents and owners of early learning centers Facebook page 

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Kids in Capes Lobby Day with Superhero Rep. Mimi Steward