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St. Joseph Early Childhood Education Study


This study, conducted by Research & Polling, Inc., was commissioned by St. Joseph Community Health. The objective of
the study was to measure public opinion regarding early childhood education programs in New Mexico.
If the election were held today, 70% would support the Constitutional Amendment -  moreover, 80% percent believe that voters should get the right to decide.
Early Education Centers Close Across New Mexico

This study tracks how the 4% cuts from the state to Early Childhood Education centers affected kids throughout New Mexico. 10% of Early Education Centers closed in the past year and 2,166 children are no longer receiving the critical Early Education from centers that they need. 

Articles from Deming Headlight

These are two articles that came out in the Deming Headlight within a week of each other about the importance of early education for all. And urging our legislators to properly fund early education through the Early Learning Constitutional Amendment. 

New Mexico Business Weekly - Child care centers closing
New Mexico Business Weekly - Child care centers closing
Early Education on the Brink: A Permanent School Fund Solution


Our latest report on the current state of Early Learning in New Mexico and how the rollercoaster of funding has affected owners, teachers, parents and kids. Distributed to legislators on the first day of the session, January 17th, 2012.

Parent Letter about Constitutional Amendment
Parent Letter about Constitutional Amendment
Journal Op-Ed 2/1/21
Deming Article 2/1/21