Mind in the Making


Mind in the Making Learning Modules for Early Childhood Teachers, which have been recognized by the Office of Child Development (OCD) as an equivalent for the 45 hour entry level course requirement for center licensing, are an 11-part, evidence-based, Facilitated Learning process that uses research – including classic and cutting edge studies – to reveal how children develop and learn, and how teachers can intentionally promote engaged learning that leads to school and life success.

The Modules have been designed to complement rather than to replace existing teaching curricula or training systems for teachers with children birth through the early elementary years. They focus on helping teachers become more knowledgeable, reflective, actively engaged with child development research and intentional in their work with children and families. Their purpose is to help teachers integrate “evidence-based practice” with their own experiences, their own values and with the values of their families and communities and then applying what they learn to their teaching practice. 

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