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His Kidz lobbies for early childhood ed.


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Terry Meyers, For the Headlight
Posted: 01/31/2012 03:53:24 PM MST


When Brenda Villegas began her career as an early childhood educator she did not think she would see the day that she would have to fight so hard for early education funding.

"The state of New Mexico is failing our children and they are not getting their fair opportunity for early education," said Villegas, owner of His Kidz Learning Center in Deming.

Community members, parents, educators and owners of early childhood education centers from across the state will head to the Roundhouse in Santa Fe on Thursday to lobby for permanent school funding.

It will be a day of action to restore funding for all children and to expand access for parents and children for quality early childhood education.

In the next few weeks New Mexico legislators will have an opportunity to support school children with two joint resolutions; SJR 9 and HJR 15 are now working their way through legislative committees. These resolutions will allow New Mexico voters to invest a small percentage of the state's school permanent fund in early childhood education programs.

Last year 62 early childhood education centers closed throughout the state and over 6,000 students of pre-school age were displaced.


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Hear from the PEOPLE about our Founding Convention

Founding Convention – The PEOPLE for the Kids Coalition


Early educators are coming together like never before over the last couple of weeks as we gear up for our shot at doubling funding for early childhood education in the January legislative session.
We already know the story – 10% of early education centers have closed in the last year and over 7,000 kids are now without a quality education because of cuts by the state. Read our report – Early Education on the Brink - at And now we have a plan.
Our convention with the Working Parents Association, attended by 150 educators, parents, and owners and directors, on October 1st was an unprecedented launch of a statewide campaign to win for our kids.
We’d like to thank our guests for their trainings, presentations, and participation in the first annual convention of Early Educators United and the PEOPLE for Kids – Parents, Educators, and Owners Partnering for Learning in Early Education for Kids.
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Founding Convention – The PEOPLE for the Kids Coalition


Educators, Parents, and Owners/Directors will host the founding convention of the “PEOPLE for Kids” coalition in Roswell, New Mexico on October 1st. “Parents, Educators, Owners Partnering for Learning in Early-education for Kids” is the first of its kind in the United States -  a formal partnership of owners/directors, parents, and educators working together to improve early childhood education. Members from both the Working Parents Association and Early Educators United will vote on a plan, including goals, mission statement, member voting rights, and the proposed coalition. To attend, parents, educators, and owner/directors can register on this website or by emailing

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