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June 2012 Update



Committee on the Future

The Committee on the Future, is your statewide group of the most dedicated and active early childhood educators who are planning the 2012 Convention, drafting the Unity Agreement and working on Political Endorsements, will be meeting on July 14th. See the Committee on the Future Pledge for more information. To join this committee, return the pledge form by July 9th.

Professional Development

Early Educators United has become licensed to offer Mind in the Making learning modules, the ground breaking professional development for both new and experienced early educators. Mind in the Making Learning Modules, which have been recognized by the Office of Child Development (OCD) as an equivalent for the 45 hour entry level course requirement for center licensing, are an 11-part, evidence-based, Facilitated Learning process that uses research – including classic and cutting edge studies – to reveal how children develop and learn, and how teachers can intentionally promote engaged learning that leads to school and life success.

CYFD Rules and Regulations

Members are taking action by filling out the enclosed Early Childhood Education Profession and CYFD Survey and attending CYFD Town Halls. CYFD currently regulates who can work in early education, how your center is run and what happens in the classroom.

During the past several months Early Educators United members have been compiling ideas, issues and suggestions about how to better the relationships CYFD has with centers and current rules and regulations. It is already evident that CYFD is listening to you, by replacing the word “caregiver” in their newest proposed regulation changes, with “educator.”

Participate by filling out the enclosed survey and mailing it back to: Early Educators United, 530 Jefferson NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108.

Mind in the Making


Mind in the Making Learning Modules for Early Childhood Teachers, which have been recognized by the Office of Child Development (OCD) as an equivalent for the 45 hour entry level course requirement for center licensing, are an 11-part, evidence-based, Facilitated Learning process that uses research – including classic and cutting edge studies – to reveal how children develop and learn, and how teachers can intentionally promote engaged learning that leads to school and life success.

The Modules have been designed to complement rather than to replace existing teaching curricula or training systems for teachers with children birth through the early elementary years. They focus on helping teachers become more knowledgeable, reflective, actively engaged with child development research and intentional in their work with children and families. Their purpose is to help teachers integrate “evidence-based practice” with their own experiences, their own values and with the values of their families and communities and then applying what they learn to their teaching practice. 

Professional Development


Early Educators United is a Training & Technical Assistance Program -approved training organization. We provide continuing education training in the core competency areas of:


---Competency 1- Child Growth, Development and Learning

---Competency 3- Family Community Collaboration

---Competency 4- Developmentally Appropriate Content

---Competency 5- Learning Environment and Curriculum Implementation

---Competency 7 – Professionalism


Our trainers are experts in their fields and experienced in working with young and adult learners. Trainers are also selected from among the membership and staff of Early Educators United. Contact us to become a trainer.


To schedule trainings at your center, contact Early Educators United at (505) 359-0658 or email


Release the Hostage!

It is coming down to the wire and the Early Education Constitutional Amendments (HJR13 and SJR3) are still being held hostage in the Senate Finance Committee. Your call will urge a hearing for HJR13 and SJR3. Take one minute to call Senator John Arthur Smith and ask him to release the hostages now!

Here's what you can say when you call:

"Hello, may I please speak with Senator Smith? My name is _______ and I am an early educator. I'm calling to ask that Senator Smith have a hearing for the Early Education Constitutional Amendment HJR13 and SJR3 in the Senate Finance Committee. This is important for our children and our community. Thank you.”

Senator Smith can be reached in Santa Fe at (505) 986-4365.

New Mexico will be the leader in Early Education with this historic bill, lets come together and make it happen!

Exciting News: Our voices are being heard!



Senators and Representatives who are the leading education advocates in Santa Fe have rescheduled their Education Policy Press Conference for Thursday, February 2nd – EEU’s Early Education Day of Action. And have asked you to take center stage! This is clearly the year for Early Childhood Education.


Today is the final day to prepare to flood the roundhouse with our voice!


We are expecting 150 Educators, Parents, and Children at the Roundhouse Tomorrow to talk to 51 legislators and show Santa Fe that you are coming together to fight for the Permanent Funding Solution for Early Childhood Education!


You will also be receiving Center Action Packets in the mail today! Through these packets, together, we can reach over 6,000 families with stickers for parents to wear that say “Please call Our Senator Today to Support the Early Learning Amendment!” The sticker has the name of your center and their telephone number. Ask every parent on Thursday to wear the sticker to work and ask their coworkers to call. Tens of thousands of calls can be made through this action, but it’s up to each and every one of us to do our part.


If you did not receive a packet click here for our parent letter to distribute to centers.


The biggest thing we are hearing in Santa Fe right now is that some Legislators are concerned that this money not go to “daycares” rather than preschools and learning centers.

They allege learning doesn’t happen in our centers. Can you believe it?!


So it’s up to us to prove it…


Bring with you to the Roundhouse - a copy of your curriculum and lesson plans to share with your legislators and prove to them that all children who are attending early childhood centers in our state are indeed learning!


Tomorrow’s Schedule:

10:00 am – Go over talking points for Legislator conversations

10:30 am – Education Policy Press Conference

11:00 am – Talk to our Legislators

12:00 pm – Lunch with our Legislators

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm – For those who want to continue: talk to more Legislators


Directions to the Capitol:


The Capitol is located at the corner of Old Santa Fe Trail and Paseo de Peralta.


Take I25 North to Santa Fe. Get off at Old Pecos Trail Exit. Make a left on Old Pecos Trail. Follow for about a mile then turn right to stay on Old Pecos Trail, which turns into Old Santa Fe Trail. Go straight on Old Santa Fe Trail until you see the Capitol on the left. Continue through the Paseo de Peralta light. The Capitol will be on your left and the PERA building and parking lot will be on your right. Park at the PERA building for free.

If you have any further questions call us a 505-948-1492 or email us at

His Kidz lobbies for early childhood ed.


'Get on the bus'
Terry Meyers, For the Headlight
Posted: 01/31/2012 03:53:24 PM MST


When Brenda Villegas began her career as an early childhood educator she did not think she would see the day that she would have to fight so hard for early education funding.

"The state of New Mexico is failing our children and they are not getting their fair opportunity for early education," said Villegas, owner of His Kidz Learning Center in Deming.

Community members, parents, educators and owners of early childhood education centers from across the state will head to the Roundhouse in Santa Fe on Thursday to lobby for permanent school funding.

It will be a day of action to restore funding for all children and to expand access for parents and children for quality early childhood education.

In the next few weeks New Mexico legislators will have an opportunity to support school children with two joint resolutions; SJR 9 and HJR 15 are now working their way through legislative committees. These resolutions will allow New Mexico voters to invest a small percentage of the state's school permanent fund in early childhood education programs.

Last year 62 early childhood education centers closed throughout the state and over 6,000 students of pre-school age were displaced.


Take 5 for Kids!

IB Image

The Early Learning Constitutional Amendment is on its way in Santa Fe and it’s now up to Early Educators to continue to spread the word through our communities.  That’s why Early Educators across the state have been engaging their communities with legislative meetings, advocacy trainings and now getting yard signs out to center parents and teachers.

How many signs will you take to hold our legislators accountable and remind them to vote yes for kids?


See video
The Crisis is Not Ove

House Education Committee Hears from Early Educators

On January 12th, 2012 Jennifer Callinan of Albuquerque was invited to speak in front of the House Education Committee in Santa Fe. The purpose of this hearing was to discuss the current state of Early Learning in New Mexico and talk about real funding solutions. 

The meeting included Bill Jordan of Voices for Children who lead the discussion and presentation around the recent studies that have come about around early education in New Mexico. The studies clearly indicate the importance of Early Learning in the overall success of a child, and reveal how New Mexico has continually under funded early education.  This has limited access to children throughout our state and forced more than 10% of centers to close in the last year alone.

Jennifer spoke as an expert witness on the realities of the funding crisis and how is effects Early Learning Centers. Watch Jennifer share her experiences about the rollarcoaster of funding from the state.

Join Jennifer and other Early Educators on February 2nd in Santa Fe for the Early Educators Day of Action

Our Kids, Our Funding, Our Voice

Check out the newest report, Early Education on the Brink, about Early Learning right here in New Mexico and the real solution to properly funding it.

Today, on the first day of the legislative session, our report was delivered to our Senators and Representatives to begin the conversation. It will continue over the next 30 days as legislators stand in the crossroads, deciding to either support Early Learning or ignore the foundation of education for our children, once again. 


4% Returned and 1300 Kids off the Waiting List


Finally some good news…

After hundreds of actions taken by early educators and supporters, the Governor announced some positive funding news for early learning and kids.

CYFD announced today that they will reinstate the 4% subsidy cut and award 1300 more children a state contract to be moved off the infamous waiting list. Join the conversation about this good news

This announcement comes on the heels of an article with members speaking on the crisis in early education in the New Mexico Business Weekly. 



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