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Founding Convention – The PEOPLE for the Kids Coalition


Early educators are coming together like never before over the last couple of weeks as we gear up for our shot at doubling funding for early childhood education in the January legislative session.
We already know the story – 10% of early education centers have closed in the last year and over 7,000 kids are now without a quality education because of cuts by the state. Read our report – Early Education on the Brink - at And now we have a plan.
Our convention with the Working Parents Association, attended by 150 educators, parents, and owners and directors, on October 1st was an unprecedented launch of a statewide campaign to win for our kids.
We’d like to thank our guests for their trainings, presentations, and participation in the first annual convention of Early Educators United and the PEOPLE for Kids – Parents, Educators, and Owners Partnering for Learning in Early Education for Kids.
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Founding Convention – The PEOPLE for the Kids Coalition


Educators, Parents, and Owners/Directors will host the founding convention of the “PEOPLE for Kids” coalition in Roswell, New Mexico on October 1st. “Parents, Educators, Owners Partnering for Learning in Early-education for Kids” is the first of its kind in the United States -  a formal partnership of owners/directors, parents, and educators working together to improve early childhood education. Members from both the Working Parents Association and Early Educators United will vote on a plan, including goals, mission statement, member voting rights, and the proposed coalition. To attend, parents, educators, and owner/directors can register on this website or by emailing

Upcoming Founding Convention

New Mexico’s  Land Grant Permanent Fund recently achieved record returns of 22.5%, roughly $2.5 billion dollars. Isn’t it time that our kids receive record returns as well?

The Land Grant Permanent Fund is used to benefit education in New Mexico and is the 2nd largest Land Grant fund in the nation, but as a state our educational funding continues to fall further and further behind our neighbors.

Committee on the Future in Roswell


43 members of our Committee on the Future met this past weekend in Roswell  in an effort to create a long term plan that works towards accomplishing the goals Early Educators from across the state identified.  Our committee created a plan beginning today through 2015 that will allow us to not only reach our goals but build real power throughout our state.

Latest News Highlights Revenue for New Mexico – But Cuts Remain for Early childhood education.


After a 4% cut to state subsidy rates and the slashing of over 6K parents and children from early childhood education eligibility, you’d think the state would be rushing to restore access and support to early childhood education. Think again. Here’s the latest numbers on available, but withheld, funds for quality education.

New Mexico Permanent Funds achieve record returns

Biz Journal Article

New Mexico’s permanent funds recorded 22.5 percent in returns in fiscal year 2011, which ended on June 30.”  


New Mexico expects revenue growth 

$360M extra on hand next budget year

Santa Fe New Mexican Article

Committee on the Future Meeting in Albuquerque
Committee on the Future Meeting in Albuquerque

Committee on the Future Meeting in Albuquerque


Your Committee on the Future met for the first time in person this last Saturday in Albuquerque. There were members from Taos to Deming to Fort Sumner, a group made up of parents, owners, directors and teachers.

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Videos of Early Educators from across the state.


Have you watch Brenda Villegas’ video yet?  No! What are you waiting for?

Brenda’s video had such an impact across the state that we’ve decided to hit the road recording every teacher, owner and director we can so we can truly put a face on Early Education in New Mexico. Keep your eyes peeled on our FACEBOOK page and this website for videos.

If we haven’t hit you center yet give us a call at 505-948-1492 and we will put you on the schedule.

Our goal is to have 500 videos by next January. 

Your Committee on the Future


We’ve put in lots of miles these last few weeks crossing the state talking to owners, teachers and directors about the current crisis in Early Education. The one common thread that came across in all of those conversations is that many feel as if they are fighting alone, and everyone wants to find a way to come together from across the state and have a provider lead voice.

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Members on the phone with Senator Cisneros.
Members on the phone with Senator Cisneros.

Taos Community Meeting


Exciting things are happening up in Taos where for the first time in New Mexico Early Educators gathered with K-12 Teachers to educate community members and talk about real solutions for the cuts that are currently being felt. During the meeting Lisa Maestas, from Little Bug CDC, shared how the current cuts are being felt at her center. Public school teacher, Orion Cervio talked about the impacts of the budget cuts are being felt throughout the Taos School System.

This meeting focused on the topic of SJR10, the use of Permanent Fund to adequately fund both Early Education and K-12 schools throughout the state. The fund currently has an average annual of 11%, but only uses 5.8% of it to fund education in New Mexico. SJR10 would allow the state to utilize 1.5% of the fund for Early Education and keep the payout for K-12 schools at 5.8%.Cuts were not the only thing discussed at this meeting, there was much conversation about real solutions.

If passed by the legislature SJR10 would go onto the ballot in November 2012 for the voters to decide if funding Early Education and K-12 is a priority.

First it must pass the legislature and during this community meeting in Taos via a cell phone on speaker  community members heard Senator Cisneros say that yes, he would support this bill. 


After hearing the good news those in the room volunteered to write letters to the editor, have friends, family and students parents call their local representatives and agreed to meet in Santa Fe on DATE for a day of lobbying.

Call your Senator TODAY about passing SJR10 at 505-986-4300.

To find out how to have a community meeting in your area call us at 505-948-1492 or email us at

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Member Brenda Villegas Keep the Promise Video

Organizing Committee member Brenda Villegas, owner and director of His Kidz in Deming kicked off the statewide campaign Keep the Promise for New Mexico’s Future. Watch her video here, asking her legislators to Keep the Promise for New Mexico's Future.

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