Professional Development


Early Educators United is a Training & Technical Assistance Program -approved training organization. 

Our trainers are experts in their fields and experienced in working with young and adult learners. Trainers are also selected from among the membership and staff of Early Educators United. Contact us to become a trainer.


To schedule trainings at your center, contact Early Educators United at (505) 359-0658 or email


Current trainings we can provide your center:


Professionalism Part 1: Advocacy in Early Learning – This workshop is an opportunity to gain the tools necessary for your voice to make a difference. You are the providers - teaching and caring for children is what you do every day. You know better than anyone what needs to be done! Let your voice be heard and your actions count!  Learn about the collective power you and your colleagues possess and how to use that power to make the changes needed in the field of early learning.

Free for members and non-members, 2 hours in competency 7

Professionalism part 2: Professionalism in Practice - This training gives teachers, owners and directors the tools to redefine early education in both your center and communities, by understanding the power that influences and controls early childhood education. Using the latest research learn how to utilize your existing expertise and influence to strengthen your communities knowledge and respect surrounding early childhood education.

Free for Members, $12 for non-members, 2 hours in Competency 7

Managing Difficult Students - The difficult actions of a small but powerful number of students in school not only put their own success at risk but threaten the learning environment for everyone. This course presents research on emotional and behavioral problems of children who consistently act out. Participants will learn strategies to reduce and/or prevent the occurrence of disruptive or dangerous outbreaks.


Free for Members, $12 for non-members, 2 hours in competency 1 and 5



Mind in the Making

Mind in the Making Learning Modules for Early Childhood Teachers, which have been recognized by the Office of Child Development (OCD) as an equivalent for the 45 hour entry level course requirement for center licensing, are an 11-part, evidence-based, Facilitated Learning process that uses research – including classic and cutting edge studies – to reveal how children develop and learn, and how teachers can intentionally promote engaged learning that leads to school and life success.

The Modules have been designed to complement rather than to replace existing teaching curricula or training systems for teachers with children birth through the early elementary years. They focus on helping teachers become more knowledgeable, reflective, actively engaged with child development research and intentional in their work with children and families. Their purpose is to help teachers integrate “evidence-based practice” with their own experiences, their own values and with the values of their families and communities and then applying what they learn to their teaching practice.

The Modules are based on the research-based premise that teaching practice improves when educators:

  • ·         are engaged in understanding how they and their students learn;
  • ·         are more intentional in promoting children’s learning; and
  • ·         have knowledge of the best research on children’s development and learning and are able to thoughtfully incorporate that research into teaching practice.

Participants who complete the Modules:

  • ·         become actively involved in experiences with their own learning that parallel and illuminate the lessons learned from research on children;
  • ·         set meaningful goals for their own learning and professional development;
  • ·         view videos of well-known and well-respected child development researchers and educators showing their research in action;
  • ·         have opportunities to work individually, with learning partners and in larger learning groups;
  • ·         are guided by the Facilitators to think about and synthesize the lessons from these experiences;
  • ·         are given opportunities to “try out” what they have learned from their interactions with children; and
  • ·         obtain feedback and support from creating a community of learners, in continuing to apply what they have learned.

Mind in the Making is equivalent to the state’s 45-hour course or can be used for 24-hours required annually by the state. It is FREE for all participants; the workbook is free for members and $40 for non-members.


Want to host or participate in Mind in the Making trainings in your area? Contact us at 505-359-0658 to find out how to have the Mind in the Making trainings scheduled in your area.