Committee on the Future Meeting in Albuquerque

Committee on the Future Meeting in Albuquerque
Committee on the Future Meeting in Albuquerque


They had the task reporting back priorities they heard from across the state and beginning talks about creating a plan that can win big for everyone.  Here is a quick preview of short and long priorities decided upon at the meeting.

·         Return Eligibility to 200% (Eliminate Waiting List)

·         Professional Respect – Ongoing 2011 and Beyond. Accomplished through:

o   Early Childhood Educators Registry

o   Community Engagement

o   Redefine ourselves (We Are Early Education Centers – NOT Daycares!)

o   Formal Voice with CYFD

·         Child Kindergarten Preparedness – (Immediately and ongoing). Accomplished through:

o   Formal relationships with individual school districts

o   Voice in Policy at state-level on educational issues.

o   Voice with CYFD

·         Return the 4% (By January 2012)

·         Increase the Subsidy Rate (for the first time since 2001) (January 2013 following voter approved permanent funding solution)

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·         Early Childhood Educators acquire benefits (Health, vision, retirement) (By 2015 or Sooner)

·         Wage and Career Ladder (State implements program that provides direct pay or equivalent costs to centers for a career ladder for early childhood educators where ECE can acquire equivalent degrees/certifications and pay as early childhood educators in K-3.) (2015)

·         Lower Staff Turnover (2013-2016)

The next Committee on the Future meeting will be in Roswell in August. To get involved in the planning for our Founding Convention call 505-948-1492 or email