Early Education Superhero's Unveiled!


Early childhood education centers are the heart of our communities, serving over 35,000 families in our state. However, due to funding cuts, ten percent of centers have closed in the last two years and 6,895 families have been included on a wait list to receive early childhood education for their children.

Early Educators United is a united coalition of educators, directors and owners that believe all children have the right to quality early childhood education.

The is excitement to watch as Early Education Superhero’s fight for justice for the smallest New Mexican’s during the 2013 legislative session.

The following is a complete list of endorsed Early Education Superhero’s:

District              Candidate        Location                                           

HD 4                      Ray Begaye, Shiprock                                                

HD 8                      Frank Otero, Los Lunas                                                            

HD 11                   Rick Miera, Albuquerque

HD 14                   Miguel Garcia, Albuquerque

HD 15                   Emily Kane, Albuquerque

HD 18                   Gail Chasey, Albuquerque

HD 23                   Marci Blaze, Corrales

HD 24                   Elizabeth Thompson, Albuquerque

HD 25                   Christine Trujillo, Albuquerque

HD 26                   Georgene Louis, Albuquerque

HD 29                   Lloyd Ginsberg, Albuquerque

HD 30                   Mary Ellen Broadrick, Albuquerque

HD 31                   JoAnne Allen, Albuquerque

HD 36                   Phillip Archuleta, Las Cruces                                                               

HD 37                   Joanne Ferrary, Las Cruces                                                    

HD 38                   Terry Fortenberry, Silver City                                                            

HD 43                   Stephanie Garcia Richards, Los Alamos

HD 50                   Stephen Easley, Santa Fe

HD 52                   Doreen Gallegos, Las Cruces

HD 53                   Nathan “Nate” Cote, Chaparral

HD 68                   Eloise Gift, Albuquerque                                                          

SD 9                     John Sapien, Rio Rancho                          

SD 12                   Jerry Ortiz y Pino, Albuquerque

SD 14                    Michael Padilla, Albuquerque

SD 17                    Tim Keller, Albuquerque

SD 18                    Bill Tallman, Albuquerque

SD 15                    Daniel Ivy-Soto, Albuquerque

SD 26                    Jacob Candelaria, Albuquerque

SD 28                    Howie Morales, Silver City

SD 29                    Michael Sanchez, Belen                                                                           

SD 40                    Linda Allison, Rio Rancho