The Loss of a Superhero, Rep. Stephen Easley

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Today’s loss of Representative Stephen Easley is a tragedy for our State and New Mexico’s children. The people and the State of New Mexico have lost a champion, an advocate and a man who was devoted

 to fighting for New Mexico’s children and families.

Before beginning his time in Santa Fe Rep. Easely welcomed kids, parents and early educators with open arms and promised to fight for the kids in his district. Once he arrived in Santa Fe he did just that, openly voicing his opinion that kids across New Mexico deserve the right to succeed. He was a proud member of The League of Extraordinary Legislators, a true superhero.

He was true champion, he knew the local early educators and kids in his community, and fought hard improve the lives of those he represented. His warming presence and beautiful bolo ties will be missed. Our thoughts are with his family. 


-Early Educators United