Take Action Today!


We all know there is strength in numbers. When everyday people like us unite, we have the power to improve our lives and the lives of others. Instead of struggling individually (in isolation from each other), we need to cooperate and work together to find solutions to the problems we face (just like we teach our children to do).  
New Mexico Early Educators United is serious about making things better for early educators. We're building a movement-- but without YOU, there IS no movement. We need the support of families and community members too. There are many ways that you can be involved and lift your voice for change:


1.     Help put together a meeting or professional development workshop in your area.

Right now members from across the state are holding meetings with their legislators to draw attention to the crisis in early education and speak out about the constitutional admendment. To host a legislative meeting in your area call us at 505-948-1492. 


2.    Share your story.

Why do you do this important work? What keeps you going despite the difficulties? Why do you think it's important for early educators to have a union? Write to us and we may include your picture and story on our campaign website or in our quarterly newsletter!