What is New Mexico Early Eductors United?

What is NM Early Educators United?

Early Educators United is the statewide early childhood educator organization of staff, teachers, and directors of early education centers building a real voice in the decisions the state makes that affects early education and childcare. Early childhood education (ECE) and ECE educators are an essential component to the lifetime education of our children. However, our voice is often ignored in the decisions that affect kids, parents, and our jobs. This is why early childhood educators in New Mexico came together to form a member-driven organization to work with the state and stakeholders in ECE. Today, all across the state, members of Early Educators United are leading the way to improve quality early childhood education for our kids, our communities, and our professions.

Mission Statement:


All children deserve quality early education.  Our coalition of parents, early educators, directors, and owners are fighting for the money and resources to provide this education and support a quality early education workforce.  We have organized across the state to lobby and raise the profile of early education and make it a priority for the State of New Mexico.  Our work and accomplishments will make our communities safer, our workforce stronger, and our families and young people happy, healthy, and secure.

What is a high-quality early childhood program?

High-quality early childhood programs prepare a young child for lifelong learning and participation in our community. A high-quality early childhood program features the following:

  • High qualified and well compensated staff;
  • Low staff turnover;
  • Low teacher-to-child ratios and small class sizes;
  • Standards and curriculum that are developmentally appropriate, with an emphasis on advancing language, cognition, social and emotional development and physical ability;
  • Comprehensive social services and a nurturing environment;
  • Periodic licensing and/or accreditation of centers; and
  • Communication between teachers and parents.

What is the single most important factor of high quality programs?

To deliver such a high-quality early childhood education program, the single most important factor is the child care staff. The staff, however, is often the most overlooked. Too often, early childhood teachers and providers work for low wages, have little or no healthcare coverage, and very rarely have any kind of retirement plan. This creates a revolving door of staff which means children have multiple caregivers in their early years of life.

The lack of decent pay and benefits provokes thousands of qualified and experienced early childhood teachers to leave the field. We need to keep these talented and dedicated people in the profession.

New Mexico Early Educators United is a professional organization that meets the CDA standards of the Council for Professional Recognition.

"Quality Education Starts with Us"